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Just a Stone's Throw Away is a quest obtained from a stallion named Sgt. Claymore in Cantermore. It is a relatively simple quest which introduces the player to picking up items from the ground.

Quest initation[]

Sgt. Claymore is an orange stallion with a bright, golden mane and tail, and cyan eyes who can be found in the far east corner of Cantermore. Dropping straight off of the Airship bridge will land the player in a large grassy area, where he is standing in front of a guard tower.

After speaking to Sgt. Claymore, he will tell the player that he is in need of 15 small stones. He then directs the player "over there" in order to gather these stones. The stones mentioned are smooth rocks that can be picked up from the ground nearby.

Journal: Get some stones for Sgt. Claymore.

  • Get stones for Sgt. Claymore
  • Go back to Sgt. Claymore

Quest completion[]

Upon delivering enough smooth stones to Sgt. Claymore, the player will be rewarded with a satchel bag as well as 100 XP.

Journal: You helped Sgt. Claymore. Good Job!