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Klondike Hicks is an Earth pony NPC, located in a large cavern inside the Gem Mines. He speaks in a typical Southern American accent, as shown by his dialogue. Talking to him is required to start the Klondike Hikes quest.


"Hooooeeyyyyyy!  These caves are mighty fine, don't y'all argee?"

[Response: Yeah!]

"Yer darn tootin'! These here caves are a b~e~a~ute!  I reckon there are a whole mess of cryssles and sparkly things waitin' to be found."
{entry point 1}
[Response: Have you found any yet?]
"Well, shucks to betsy!  Have yourself a lookie at that table over there!"
"I'd reckon I've done pretty well.  I can tell there'll be more that'll be comin' my way!"
[Responses: Good luck to you!    /    I hope you do find more!]
"hah! I'm mighty thankful for your well wishin'! Now you be on your way.  I've kept you for too long.  Keep safe now, y'hear!"
[Response: I gotta go]
"Hay, I won't keep you, I've kept you long enough as it is!  go on, get."
[Response: Sounds nice.....]
"Awwhh shoot. I'm sorry for borin' you.  I guess I'll let you be on your way."
[Response: That's nice.]
<ends dialogue>
[Response: How long have you been here?]
"I ain't been here for that long. Only been one day since I done got here."
[Response: Have you found anything worth keeping yet?]
<same as [Response: Have you found any yet?] >

[Response: they're alright, I guess...]

"Awhhh c'mon!  Have you not seen the cryssles around?!"
"I think this here system 0' caves is right beautiful!"
"There's so much just waitin' to be found."
[Response: Have you found any yet?]
<see above >

[Response: They are certainly quite impressive.]

"I couldn't have thought of a better way of putting it myself!"
"These caves is special. I can't wait to have me some more ex~ploration!"
<see {entry point 1}>

[Response: Thery're nothing special]

"What!  How can you look around this here cave and not be amazed?!"
"All them shiny things and that tasty moist air?  Shoot, you don't know what you're missing out on!"
[Responses: Oh, woe is me!    /   That's nice]
"Well forget you, then!  I'm gonna just enjoy my time in these here caves.  You can go do what you want!  Go on, get!"