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Klondike Hikes is a quest that can be initiated by talking to the NPC Klondike Hicks inside the Ponydale Gem Mines. Klondike has forgotten where he left his pickaxe and asks the player to help him look for it.


Quest initiation:

I have made the acquaintance of Klondike Hicks, a salty old prospector in the gem caves. He lost his pickaxe deep in the mines and asked if I could be so kind as to retrieve it. I accepted, either due to my sense of righteousness, or because I feel guilty saying no to old people.

  • Recover Klondike's Pickaxe.

After recovering Klondike's Pickaxe:

What's that stuck under those rocks? An old pickaxe! This must be the one that Klondike Hicks lost! I'd better get it back to him.

  • Return to Klondike.

Quest completion:

I have returned Klondike's pickaxe and all is fine in the world.

Starting the quest[]

The quest can be started by speaking to Klondike Hicks, who can be found in a large cavern inside the Gem Mines. He will say that he has forgotten where he left his pickaxe and will ask the player to help him look for it in the southern half of the mines.

Finding the pickaxe[]

The pickaxe is located at the northeast corner of the map, embedded in some crystals by the wall. Its location is marked via a yellow exclamation mark. It can be obtained by clicking it and selecting "Pick up".

Returning the pickaxe[]

After obtaining the pickaxe, talk to Klondike Hicks again. He will mention that he forgot about asking the player to look for it and has already gotten a new pickaxe. As a result, he offers the old pickaxe to the player. (Due to a bug, the player may receive an additional pickaxe.)

Alternatively, if the player has sold off the pickaxe after obtaining it, talking to him will also mention that he has already gotten a new pickaxe, and assures the player that it is all right. The player is then given a choice to ask whether if the pickaxe that was sold was his favorite or just leave it that way. If the player chooses the latter, the quest is considered completed too.

Quest rewards[]

  • Up to 2 of the Pickaxe item
  • 1000 XP in all talents


  • Klondike Hicks may be stuck in his idle dialogue instead, making the quest unobtainable. A possible way to refresh his dialogue is by completing the Chlorophiliac quest.
  • The player will receive an additional pickaxe at the end of the quest, if the player still has in possession the pickaxe before talking to Klondike Hicks.
  • Before Open Server Event 10, the player could speak to Klondike Hicks to re-initate the quest for as many times as they wanted, obtaining the same reward multiple times.