Legends of Equestria Wiki

This is a list of Non-Player-Characters (NPCs) in Legends of Equestria.

Image Name Location
Astral Charm.png Astral Charm Cantermore
Bluebell OSE9.png Bluebell
Brass Belle.png Brass Belle
Bright Spark Filly.PNG Bright Spark
Bugsy.png Bugsy
Cocoa St Laurent.png Cocoa St Laurent
Dashing Delano.png Dashing Delano
Doodlebug.png Doodlebug
Enki.png Enki
Final Ink.png Final Ink
Flan.png Flan
Geizhufe.png Geizhufe
Guard Farlong.png Guard Farlong
Happy Paws.png Happy Paws
Hiker.png Hiker
Honey Glaze OAR.png Honey Glaze
Hullabaloo.png Hullabaloo
Icy Sheets.png Icy Sheets
Lavender Bloom.png Lavender Bloom
Leit Motif Colt.PNG Leit Motif
Lickety Splits.png Lickety Splits
Lightning Strike.png Lightning Strike
Lucky Filly.PNG Lucky
Madame Buttercream.png Madame Buttercream
Micro Transaction.png Micro Transaction
Mincer Sabots.png Mincer Sabots
Mystic Starlight.png Mystic Starlight
Old Quest Marker Fix.png Old Quest Marker Fix
Parsley.png Parsley
Practically Canon.png Practically Canon
Prancine Poise.png Prancine Poise
Professor Dapple.png Professor Dapple
Professor Flamel.png Professor Flamel
PlaceholderIcon.png Racket
Razzle Dazzle.png Razzle Dazzle
Reed.PNG Reed
Reefus Clackeet OAR.png Reefus Clackett
Rosemary.png Rosemary
Roughshod.png Roughshod
Royal Pain.png Royal Pain
Sage.png Sage
Salarymane.png Salarymane
Scatter Spill.PNG Scatter Spill
Scribble.png Scribble
Claymore.png Sgt. Claymore
Shady Contact.png Shady Contact
Shell Game.PNG Shell Game
Silver Hoof.png Silver Hoof
Skyhammer.png Skyhammer
Sophic Sky.PNG Sophic Sky
Sparkle Shine Filly.PNG Sparkle Shine
Star Beam Filly.PNG Star Beam
Starburst Nova.png Starburst Nova
Steadyhoof Stella.png Steadyhoof Stella
Steam Valve.png Steam Valve
Stool Pigeon.PNG Stool Pigeon
Study Bug.png Study Bug
Sweet Music.png Sweet Music
Tickety Boo.PNG Tickety Boo
Tight Lips.PNG Tight Lips
Thyme.png Thyme
Unnecessary Justice.png Unnecessary Justice
Vida Ventura.PNG Vida Ventura
Viola Filly.PNG Viola
Wigglestitch.png Wigglestitch
Woodsy Boots.png Woodsy Boots
Air Mail.jpg Air Mail Cloudopolis
Aurora.png Aurora
Bando Buno.png Bando Buno
Breeze.png Breeze
Cirrus Stratos.png Cirrus Stratos
Cloud Monet.png Cloud Monet
Cloudy.png Cloudy
Clove.png Clove
PlaceholderIcon.png Commander Snow Cone
Cottage Cream.png Cottage Cream
Crank.png Crank
Cream.png Cream
Crescent Moon.PNG Crescent Moon
Dew Pond.png Dew Pond
Endless Pie.png Endless Pie
Far Carter.png Far Carter
Fire Opal.png Fire Opal
First Edition.PNG First Edition
Flash Filly.PNG Flash
General Messerschmitt.png General Messerschmitt
Grampa Biggles.png Grampa Biggles
Grouch Voucher.png Grouch Voucher
Grubby.png Grubby
High Tide.PNG High Tide
Kicks.png Kicks
Lancer.png Lancer
Ledger Leaf.png Ledger Leaf
Lemon Surprise.png Lemon Surprise
Lemony.PNG Lemony
Snipe.png Lieutenant Snipe
Limeaide.png Limeaide
Little Light.png Little Light
Loadsa Monet.png Loadsa Monet
Loco Loom.png Loco Loom
Luckless Louie.png Luckless Louie
Mellow Cloud.png Mellow Cloud
Miss Chanteuse New Location.PNG Miss Chanteuse
Current notarize.png Notarize
Off.png Peacebloom
Rainsheets.png Rainsheets
Rainy Days.png Rainy Days
Red Top.png Red Top
Relic de Falco.png Relic de Falco
Serene Blitz Filly.PNG Serene Blitz
Smithy.png Smithy
Rooftop Rumble (Skye).png Skye
Spice Filly.PNG Spice
Spuffy.png Spuffy
Starshine.png Starshine
Storm Chaser.png Storm Chaser
Sugar Filly.PNG Sugar
Summer Breeze-0.png Summer Breeze
Swizzle Stick.png Swizzle Stick
Tattle.png Tattle
The Ancient Aviator.png The Ancient Aviator
Thunder Boost.png Thunder Boost
Tumbleweed Jackpot.png Tumbleweed Jackpot
Turbine.png Turbine
Wind Runner.png Wind Runner
Windhover.png Windhover
Arcane Gleam OSE10.png Arcane Gleam Ponydale
Bagels.png Bagels
Baggy Britches.png Baggy Britches
Bakewell.png Bakewell
Bastion.png Bastion
Bite Size.png Bite Size
Buttercup.png Buttercup
Check List.png Check List
Chef Linguine.png Chef Linguine
1847b03a95289f7e50f0bdb1381c5977.png Common Cure
Damsel.png Damsel
Dancer OSE8.png Dancer
Enigma.png Enigma
Festive Flair NPC.png Festive Flair
Fireball Blitz.png Fireball Blitz
Frizzy Stradlin.png Frizzy Stradlin
Gomi.png Gomi
Granny Gray OSE10.png Granny Grey
Helping Hoof.png Helping Hoof
Honcho.png Honcho
Sugar quest 4.png Iron Saddle
Maplesweet OSE6.png Maplesweet
Mercury.png Mercury
Midnight Breeze.png Midnight Breeze
Nurse Coldhoof.png Nurse Coldhoof
Penny Farthing.png Penny Farthing
Polly Poppet.png Polly Poppet
P.T. Big-Top.png P.T. Big-Top
Resonance.png Resonance
Sawbuck.png Sawbuck
Shooo Be Doop.PNG Shooo Be Doop
PlaceholderIcon.png Sly Shade
Tiktok.png Tiktok
Tonic.png Tonic
Vogue Sharp.png Vogue Sharp
Wanda Percent.png Wanda Percent
Wayward.png Wayward
Windy Miller.png Windy Miller
Wobble Bass OSE6.png Wobble Bass
Candy Floss New.PNG Candy Floss Sugarcane Corner
Silver Platter.png Silver Platter
Taffy Treat.png Taffy Treat
Marvell.png Marvell The Boutique
Geode.png Geode Gem Mines
Klondike Hicks.png Klondike Hicks
Stun Law.png Stun Law
Farmer Fields.png Farmer Fields Sweet Apple Orchard
Grassy Fields.png Grassy Fields
Li'l Galoshes.png Li'l Galoshes
Spudnickus Von Winklehammer, Esq.png Spudnickus Von Winklehammer, Esq.
The Crate.png The Crate
Wellington.png Wellington
Drylaw.gif Drylaw Evershade Forest
Nebulous Twitch 2.PNG Nebulous Twitch
Tenseven.gif Tenseven
Yaba Baga.PNG Yaba Baga
NPCCoollyGlasses.png Agent Coolly The Heartlands
NPCSmolderGlasses.png Agent Smolder
Anagnorisis.png Anagnorisis
Beet.png Beet
Briquette.png Briquette
Business Class.png Business Class
Cherries Letrotsky.png Cherries Letrotsky
Chestnut Spruce.png Chestnut Spruce
Clementine OSE10.png Clementine
Cold Steel.png Cold Steel
PlaceholderIcon.png Crypt Keeper
Cuckoo Lane.png Cuckoo Lane
Dawnfire.png Dawnfire
Endless Days.png Endless Days
Foreshadow.png Foreshadow
Gloomy Days.png Gloomy Days
Keystone.png Keystone
Neigh Sayer.png Neigh Sayer
Odds n Ends.PNG Odds 'n' Ends
Olga Ulfstig OSE9.png Olga Ulfstig
Primary Source.png Primary Source
Unsaddling Implications 1.png Pumpkin Pie
Purple Rain.png Purple Rain
Pyrite.png Pyrite
Quicksand OSE9.png Quicksand
Rear Echelon OSE10.png Rear Echelon
Restless.png Restless
Sandy Silver OAR.png Sandy Silver
Sextant.png Sextant
Silky Roads.png Silky Roads
Slytoff hoof.png Slytoff Hoof
Stella.png Stella
Swift OSE9.png Swift
Well Wishes.png Well Wishes
Temporary Escape.PNG Temporary Escape Bramble Woods
Autumn Breeze OSE8.png Autumn Breeze Crystal Kingdom
Barbelle.png Barbelle
Blue Yonder.png Blue Yonder
Blueberry.png Blueberry
Choral Codex.png Choral Codex
Diamond Tough.jpg Diamond Tough
Dime Noire.png Dime Noire
Ensemble.png Ensemble
Fair Game.png Fair Game
Firebrand Fortissimo.png Firebrand Fortissimo
Free Trade.png Free Trade
Golden Gauntlet.PNG Golden Gauntlet
Ground Pound.png Ground Pound
Gypsum.png Gypsum
Halite.png Halite
Helper Hoof.png Helper Hoof
Inside Scoop.png Inside Scoop
Jasper.png Jasper
Kaleidoscope.png Kaleidoscope
Lumineer.png Lumineer
Luster.png Luster
Magnetic Drift.png Magnetic Drift
Marshmallow Cream.png Marshmallow Cream
Minister Spindle.png Minister Spindle
Obsidian.png Obsidian
Pacific Breeze.png Pacific Breeze
Prince Overwatch.PNG Prince Overwatch
Proper Procedure 2.PNG Proper Procedure
Quick Burst.PNG Quick Burst
Sales Pitch.png Sales Pitch
Scattershot.png Scattershot
Scrumple.png Scrumple
Silicon.png Silicon
Silver Tongue.png Silver Tongue
Special Star.png Special Star
Stoneshadow.png Stoneshadow
White Tie.png White Tie
Breakout.png Breakout Crystal Castle
Double Check.png Double Check
Fillibuster.PNG Filibuster
Iron Gauntlet.png Iron Gauntlet
Paper Trail.PNG Paper Trail
Princess Gumdrop.PNG Princess Gumdrop
Sentinel daytime.PNG Sentinel
True Vision.png True Vision
Visa.png Visa
PlaceholderIcon.png Dusty Deeds The Frontier
John Mane.png John Mane
PlaceholderIcon.png Nutmeg
Quick Draw.png Quick Draw
Ruby Sunset.png Ruby Sunset
Six Shooter.png Six Shooter
Smokey Rails.png Smokey Rails
Sturdy Step.png Sturdy Step
PlaceholderIcon.png Twilight Turner
Wroughtwright.png Wroughtwright
Wooden Nickel NPC.png Wooden Nickel