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Little Light is a foal pegasus NPC who can be found sitting in the restaurant in central Cloudopolis.


  • "Make it quick -- I've got ponies to meet."
  • "My mom didn't send you, did she? Eh, doesn't matter. I bet I could outrun you even if she had."
  • "Here's a deal -- you don't tell my folks you saw me, and I won't help you take a long walk off the short cirrus."
  • "There's nothing like the smell of rotting garbage in the morning."
  • "You? You'd never last a second on the streets!"
  • "You didn't see me. You didn't see anything."
  • "I can't stick around long -- got places to go, ponies to see. Say what you've gotta or skedaddle."
  • "Mom says not to talk to strangers. Not that I listen."
  • "You want something? Too bad."
  • "If Cloudopolis had train tracks, this here would be the wrong side of 'em."