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Living Bush

The Living Bush is a small bush-like mob encountered in the Heartlands, Bramble Woods, and Evershade Forest. They pose a little to no threat by themselves but they make up for this with sheer numbers.

Loot Table[]

At lvl Icon Item Probability Sell-Value (bits)
2+ Hay.png Hay common 0
2+ Wheat.png Wheat common 0
2 Guide.png Copper Front Legs Forging Manual common 0
2 Guide.png Copper Helmet Forging Manual common 0
2 Guide.png Copper Chest Plate Forging Manual common 0
2 Manual Ingot.png Copper Ingot Forging Manual common 0
15+ Twigs.png Twigs Unknown Cannot Sell


Lv 23 (Bramble Woods)
Icon Item Probability Value (bits)
Cutie bits.png Bits Common 2-4
Ruby.png 1-2 Ruby Uncommon 7
Banana.png 1-2 Banana Rare 3
Twigs.png Twigs Rare Cannot Sell
Prismatic Crystal Shard Very Rare 120

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