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Hello everypony! I'm LunaEclipsa, but you can call me Luna or Eclipsa. I'm a member of the Moderation team and the Public Relationships team.

Legends Of Equestria[]

I joined the Legends of Equestria team on 30-12-2017, but have been playing since 2014. As mentioned above, I'm a member of both Moderation and Public Relationships.


As a moderator, I keep an eye on discord chats, ingame chats and forums to make sure nobody breaks the rules. I also try to solve the problems players may have or redirect them to someone that can if I'm unable to. If you ever have a question, feel free to ask. but do keep in mind that there are certain things i can't answer.

Public Relationships:[]

Another major event happened on 15-8-2018, as this was the day I joined the Public Relation (short PR) team. I also occasionally draw stuff for PR, like the "technical difficulty" arts and some of the emotes in the discord chat. I was promoted to PR Assist Lead at 26-3-2020.


- OC's are designed by LunaEclipsa themselves.

- Has a DeviantART, even one specified for ponies

- Can be found on both Amareicas and Europonia

- Favorite LoE character is Pyrite

- Can be found playing as the following ponies:

Sole Eclipsa - Luna Eclipsa - Amazon Lily - Silver Gear - Midnight Topaz - Minty Surprise - Arctic Blizzard - Wildfire - Pumpkin Spice

Loe pones.png