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Magic is a unicorn-exclusive Talent which offers players a variety of beneficial combat-related and utility spells.

Gaining experience[]

Magic experience can be gained only by unicorns, through magic-related skills in combat to defeat a mob.

Quests often also award players experience in all talents upon completion, allowing unicorn players to advance in the Magic talent in addition to other talents.


The Magic talent provides useful skills that both directly and indirectly influence combat gameplay.

Icon Name Level TP cost Description & Notes
HypnosisIcon.png Hypnosis 1 500 "You expend some of your magical energy to sway a creature to attack your other enemies on your behalf"
Upgrades available: Enthrall, Master Puppeteer, I Need No Strings
SphereOfProtectionIcon.png Sphere of Protection 1 20 "You summon a sphere of protective energy around you, absorbing some of the brunt of magical attacks"
Upgrades available: Concentration, Absorption
RainbowFieldsIcon.png Poseys and Prickleys 1 20 "You can summon forth plants imbued with magical essence to pacify or incite your opponents"

Upgrades available: Pacify, Quell

MagicalArrowIcon.png Magic Arrow 1 500 "You send a focused blast of magical energy damaging your target"
Upgrades available: Compound Bow, Lingering Damage

Talent mastery[]

The maximum level that players can attain in the Magic talent is 50.

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