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Maplesweet is an Earth Pony NPC located outside the flower shop across from Sugarcane Corner in Ponydale. Players can speak to her to obtain the Dandelion Tamer quest. Once completed, she can be spoken to for the quest reward, the Dandelion Bracelet, to be received. She participates in the earth pony tutorial quest.


Maplesweet has a light gamboge coat, gray-vermillion eyes and tangelo hair. She wears a golden brown Cowpony Hat.


Icon Name Buy (bits) Sell (bits)
Mountain Flower.png Mountain Flower 1 0
BasicSalad.png Basic Salad 15 3
HayFries.png Hay Fries 12 2
CitrusSalad.png Citrus Salad 20 4
SunflowerSeeds.png Sunflower Seeds 1 0
DaisySeed.png Daisy Seed 2 0
DandelionSeed.png Dandelion Seed 1 0
LilySeed.png Lily Seed 6 1
TulipSeed.png Tulip Seed 4 0
DaffodilSeed.png Daffodil Seed 3 0


  • "Oh, hi."
  • "Do watch where you step, sweetie."
  • "Please let me know if you would like to buy some seeds."
  • "Welcome to my shop. I hope you enjoy the flora as much as I do."
  • "Have you ever grown your own plants? It's a lovely feeling, really."
  • "We're having a sale on ferns today."
  • "Ooh, the chrysanthemum are going to need watering soon."
  • "Those darn aphids'll be the death of my stock. I should get Bugsy down here to deal with them..."