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Medical is a talent that is centered around healing self or other players, with skills providing aid mostly during combat situations.

Gaining experience[]

Medical experience can be gained by using medical related skills before defeating a mob while in combat.

Experience in the Medical talent can also be gained by completing quests. Most quests award experience to all talents when completed.


Icon Name Level TP cost Description & Notes
Transfusionicon.png Transfusion 1 500 "Your aura of healing powers drains vitality from your foes, and strengthens your allies at their expense"
Upgrades available: Expanded Transfusion, Mass Transfusion, Enhanced Transfusion
Resusicon.png Resuscitation 1 500 "You can revive your friends to fight longer or at least let them get away"
Upgrades available: Field Medic, Invigoration
Triageicon.png Triage 1 500 "You are adept at recognizing injuries and responding promptly"
Upgrades available: Ranged Healing, Trauma Team, Code Blue
Auraicon.png Regenerative Aura 1 20 "You activate a healing aura which reinvigorates you and your allies"
Upgrades available: Just a Scratch, A Lot of Scratches

Talent mastery[]

The maximum level that can be attained in Medical is 50.

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