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How Buttercup's shop appears in the game.

A merchant is a pony or other NPC that will buy and/or sell items with a player pony.

Where found[]

Merchants are located in all communities. They are not openly identified, but are typically standing in business-like settings.


Main article: Shop

Initiating the sales menu with a merchant pony is very similar to talking with them; click on the pony to get a menu that includes the option "Sell" and click Sell. From the sales menu, items can be purchased or sold. While merchants will only sell a limited number of items, they will purchase anything that can be sold.

There are some ponies who will offer items through their dialogue instead of a shop menu. As of Open Server Event 9, these ponies are Flan and, once the quest Clearing Up the Rainy Days is started, Miss Chanteuse. Non-shop merchant ponies are unable to buy items. See their article for the specifics.

List of merchant ponies[]

List of non-shop merchant ponies[]