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Micro Transaction is a pegasus foal NPC found near a wooden shop in Cantermore. Speaking to her allows the player to do the quest Are You A Princess Too?


Icon Name Buy (bits) Sell (bits)
Green Apple.png Green Apple 4 1
Brass Helmet.png Brass Helmet 75 15
Brass Chest Plate.png Brass Chest Plate 100 20
Brass Front Legs.png Brass Front Legs 50 10
Brass Back Legs.png Brass Back Legs 50 10
Mixing Spoon.png Mixing Spoon 2 0
Whipped Cream Pie.png Whipped Cream Pie 22 4
Wooden Sword.png Wooden Sword 5 1
Smooth Rock.png Smooth Rock 1 0
Mountain Flower.png Mountain Flower 1 0
Socks front.png Socks 50 10
Frying Pan.png Frying Pan 5 1
Linen Scrap.png Linen Scrap 2 0
Book.png Spring Showers: A Foal's Book 1 0
Potato.png Potato 3 0
Onion.png Onion 2 0
Apple Juice.png Apple Juice 10 2
Empty Pie Tin.png Pot 100 20
Mango.png Mango 20 4


  • Her name is a reference to various practices of microtransactions in videogames, where customers can buy virtual goods, often with benefits and advantages with micropayment, aka real money. These microtransactions can be deceptive, aggressive and other ways to trick the consumer into using it's service.