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A Mini Cupcake is a food item that can be purchased from NPC merchants Silver Platter inside Sugarcane Corner or Free Trade in the Crystal Kingdom for 12 bits. It is also available for purchase by asking Flan for a menu in the Removing Cookies and Browsing Data quest, where it will cost 6 bits.

It is also given to the player by Silver Platter for completing the Good Egg quest or from Silver Tongue as part of the Worth Your While quest.

It can be consumed by the player to replenish their health and for a temporary speed boost.



The following is a list of effects given to the player when consumed:

Stat Effect Duration (seconds)
Health +100
Speed +15% 90


Mini cupcake is an optional item in a quest currently:


  • When the item was first introduced, it had a buying and selling price of 5 bits.
  • Before the lemon surprise cupcake was introduced, Miss Chanteuse used to give out the mini cupcake as part of the Clearing Up the Rainy Days quest, despite mentioning that it is a lemon surprise cupcake.
    • However, the player can still choose to buy a mini cupcake for Rainy Days in the quest.
  • Mini cupcakes could previously be obtained for free from Flan despite her asking for 6 bits, as none are deducted from the player.