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A pre-alpha screenshot of a pacman like minigame

Minigames are short arcade-style games which the player can previously play in Legends of Equestria. The game originally featured a playable Pacman-style minigame during the early Open Server Events.

List of minigames[]

Pony Muncher[]

A Pacman-style minigame which used to be accessible through a well in Ponydale.

The minigame was originally showcased during a livestream in August 2012, where the player moves a circle with the words "om nom nom" written on it to overrun cupcakes and cookies. The gameplay was also showcased in the pre-alpha update trailer[1].

It was made playable during the first Open Server Event, with the circle being updated to show a pony's face instead. The minigame and the well was subsequently removed during the later Open Server Events.

Ponyville-Pegasi Race![]

A racing minigame with a timer where a Pegasus player would race to compete for the best time as they go through red colored hoops.

It was showcased during a livestream by SweBow, the game's previous head of project.


  • There is also a rumored cloud tetris game, however it has not been confirmed.
  • As SweBow has moved on from contributing to the game, the current development team have decided to implement such minigames in the same style as the game itself[2].