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Mining is a talent that allows the player gather ores and gems, used in armor and Harmony crafting.

Gaining experience[]

Experience may be gained when the player successfully mines for ores. Experience gain is directly proportional to amount of ores mined.

You can mine at mining spots which are marked with pickaxe on minimap. In mining spot you can use: /scan to scan for ore veins. Each ore will have a distinct color to them. Then you go over vein and use: /mine

You can also use scan and mining by putting dowsing crystal (scanning device) and pickaxe in skillbar. Dowsing Crystal and all pickaxes can be purchased from Resonance.

Pickaxe is not needed for mining. Instead, it increases mining speed, with higher level pickaxes increasing it more.


All mining skills listed below are passive skills which improve scanning and mining quantity.

Icon Skill name description
MetalDetectorIcon.png Metal Detector You find ores more reliably, with a 55% chance of correctly finding a spot
ProspectorTrainingIcon.png Prospector Training You are able to search larger area for ores
AintGotAllDayIcon.png Ain't Got All Day Prospecting for ores becomes quicker
CriticalEyeIcon.png Critical Eye Increase maximum number of ores you can get from single ore vein and chances to find a gem

Mineable Ores:[]

Higher mining level unlocks more ores to mine. Any ore successfuly mined has a small chance to generate a random gem.

Ore Req. Level Exp per Ore Vein Color Mining Locations
Copper Ore 1 10 exp Light brown Applewood mountains, Gem Mines first hall
Marble Dust 3 3 exp White Gem Mines deep hall
Tin Ore 5 20 exp Yellowish-White Applewood mountains, Gem Mines deep hall
Frozen Essence Drops 6 very light blue Cloudopolis clouds
Iron Ore 10 30 exp Red Gryphon Roost and Black Rock Springs (Heartlands), Applewood mountains
Coal 15 50 exp Grey Alien torch (Heartlands), Gem Mines left hall
Alicium Ore 25 70 exp Green Black Rock Springs (Heartlands), Obelisks (Evershade Forest: Moonlight), Cockatrice Nest (Evershade Forest)
Elementium Crystal 35 120 exp Orange Applewood High Plateau, Dragon Grounds (Evershade Forest: Midnight)
Spatial Crystal 40 190 exp Dark Blue Dungeon under Crystal Library

Mining Tools[]

Tools used to locate and mine ores.

Icon Name Buy (bits) Sell (bits)
DowsingCrystal.png Dowsing crystal 3 0
BrassPickaxe.png Brass Pickaxe 50 10
NickelPickaxe.png Nickel Pickaxe 1400 280
GoldPickaxe.png Gold Pickaxe 7000 1400
DiamondPickaxe.png Diamond Pickaxe 16000 3200

Talent Mastery[]

The maximum level that players can attain in the Mining talent is 50.

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