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Miss Chanteuse is a pegasus NPC located near the central pavilion of Cloudopolis,inside a small stall right outside the restaurant dome. She gives the player a speech written by General Messerschmitt as part of the A Four Star Restaurant quest, as well as giving out cupcakes as part of the Clearing Up the Rainy Days quest.


Icon Name Buy (bits) Sell (bits)
Cupcake.png Lemon Surprise Cupcake 7 1


  • "I can already tell you're a pony of higher taste. Can I recommend an elderflower cordial? Save water for a less exciting time."


  • During Clearing Up the Rainy Days, Miss Chanteuse will offer the character a cupcake. After this happens, she will continue to be able to provide cupcakes on request, making her a merchant without a shop display.


  • Her name suggests that she is a singer of popular songs in Equestria.