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Hello I'm Mizuki from the LoE forums! You can call me Mizu if you want to.

Mizuki's Ponysona; 50% marshmallow fluff and 50% social anxiety

Introduction to pony[]

When I was a little girl in the 90's, I honestly didn't care about Hasbro's My Little Pony brand. However there were two brief periods in which I experienced a "horsie!" phase. My first horsie phase revolved around tall, realistic horses in all of their majestic glory. (and any toy that closely resembled them) 

My second horsie phase was much more like a "Pony!" phase. It was actually spurred on by an episode of Dexter's Laboratory called "Dee Dee's Tail", in which Dee Dee begs her younger brother to turn her into a Pony princess. After I saw that episode, I couldn't stop thinking about ponies; so I went out and bought a "Magic Touch Pony" at the dollar store. I may have possibly owned a G2 My Little Pony as well, but it was the 90's so the MLP brand wasn't as relevant anymore. The earliest incarnation I could have watched was "My Little Pony: Tales", but that aired on a channel that I didn't get and during a time where I was more interested in The Muppet Babies.

Friendship is Magic[]

For years I experienced a dry spell of Pony until I started following Lauren Faust's deviantart account. She already had early concepts for "remade versions of G1 ponies", but had to remove them for legal reasons . (I still regret not having saved these images in full when I still had the chance!) My inicial impression of them was that they sort of looked like Deer to me, and as cute as they were I eventually forgot about them...that is until Lauren Faust shared some photos from a Toy Fair that had prototypes for the molded ponies. Eventually she posted a YouTube link to the very first episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and I've been a fan of the show ever since!

Legends of Equestria[]

I had my eye on LoE pretty much since the beginning, and I even attended the first Open Server Weekend! However I didn't become a moderator for the project until December 17th, 2013. I was off to a pretty shakey start, and while I still make plenty of mistakes, I feel like I've learned a lot and have gained much more confidence in my duties. I've even learned how to be more assertive as a person both on and off the LoE forums.


  • Lacks social graces, but has hightened social awareness
  • tumblr addict
  • big fat anime nerd
  • loves JRPG's & MMORPG's
  • enjoys roleplaying on the internet
  • Tea drinker
  • animal lover
  • cartoon watcher