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Two NPCs found at Cantermore university

An NPC (Non-Player Character) is an entity in Legends of Equestria who may converse with the player once clicked on. When spoken to, some NPCs may seek help from the player, providing them with a quest or advancing them along one already started, while others will just try to make small talk. They can be distinguished from players by the ellipsis (...) that appears above their name, while active quest ponies will display an attention mark (a bright yellow "!") above them. NPCs may occasionally glance at players who are in front of them.


Dialogue is textual interaction with NPC ponies. Most NPCs have some dialogue. It is accessed by right-clicking on the pony and then clicking "Talk". Some NPCs provide options for the player to reply to their dialogue.


Dialogue is displayed in a dialog box overlaying the viewing area. Clicking a small triangle in the lower right of that box advances to the next segment of dialogue, which might include a response menu or even end the dialogue and close the dialog box.

Some NPCs have 2D graphic art that appear above their dialogue in place of the standard pony model. These images are of the NPC, and often include details that differ from their 3D appearance. The image changes depending on the NPC's mood or reactions.

A few NPCs standing in pairs will engage in dialogue together. Their dialog boxes appear side-by-side, with the currently inactive box being dimmed. The correct "next" triangle needs to be clicked to advance the dialogue.

A dialog box with a response menu

Some dialog boxes include a response menu below them. This is more common with quest dialogue. A response menu is smaller than a dialog box, always appears below the associated dialog box, and may have more than one option, represented by even smaller tabs along the menu's bottom. Arrow buttons on each side allow scrolling through the tabs to reveal the text of each response. Clicking on the response selects it and advances the dialogue.


Almost all NPCs have around ten lines of casual dialogue. This consists of one or more sets of responses, one of which will appear when the NPC is made to talk. Casual dialogue tends to reveal trivia about the NPC such as their Talent mark backstory, but are rarely critical for game play. An NPC that will present casual dialogue has an ellipsis ("...") over its name.

Quest dialogue is available when an attention mark (a yellow exclamation mark) is hovering over the NPC. Going through quest dialogue advances a player through that quest.

NPCs with graphic art[]

Many NPCs who are involved in quests have specialized 2D artwork. The gallery below shows the neutral expressions for these NPCs.

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