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Naiads are neutral mobs found in Legends of Equestria.


Naiads are deer-like creatures, sharing a similar build and appearance like Birch and Apple Dryad. Their eyes are pure Teal, and their coats are mix of brown and bluish-purple colour. They have wings, and purplish kite styled leaf tail.


They can be found walking around in The Heartlands and Bramble Woods, usually near bodies of water. Besides that, a single one is roaming right outside the city of the Crystal Kingdom.

Loot Table[]

At lvl Icon Item Probability Sell-Value (bits)
45,50 Cherries.png Cherry moderate 0
22-50 Grapes.png Grapes moderate 1
5-50 Lettuce.png Lettuce moderate 0
5-50 Salt.png Salt common 0
5-50 Tomato.png Tomato moderate 0
5-50 Water.png Water common 0
22-50 Orange.png Orange moderate 0
5-50 Vapor Materia.png Vapor Materia uncommon 0
45 Enchanted Ice Skates.png Enchanted Ice Skates rare (season) 300
45 Moonlight Chest Plate.png Moonlight Chest Plate moderate 10200
45 Moonlight Helmet.png Moonlight Helmet moderate 13200
45 Moonlight Back Legs.png Moonlight Back Legs moderate 5400
45 Moonlight Front Legs.png Moonlight Front Legs moderate 5400
45 Moonlight Back Plate.png Moonlight Back Plate moderate 17600
5,10 Upgrade.png Copper Front Legs (Emerald) rare 1
5,10 Upgrade.png Copper Helmet Upgrade (Emerald) rare 1
5,10 Upgrade.png Copper Chest Plate Upgrade (Emerald) rare 1
10 Upgrade.png Bronze Back Plate Upgrade (Emerald) rare 2
10 Upgrade.png Bronze Chest Plate Upgrade (Emerald) rare 2
10 Upgrade.png Bronze Helmet Upgrade (Emerald) rare 2
22-50 Upgrade.png Iron Helmet Upgrade (Emerald) rare 4
22-50 Upgrade.png Steel Chest Plate Upgrade (Emerald) rare 9
22-50 Upgrade.png Steel Front Legs Upgrade (Emerald) rare 9
22-50 Upgrade.png Steel Helmet Upgrade (Emerald) rare 9
22-50 Upgrade.png Steel Back Legs Upgrade (Emerald) rare 9

The Enchanted Ice Skates is only obtainable in the winter season from the Naiads in The Heartlands located NW from Cantermore's portal on a black rock inside the river. The Moonlight armor is only obtainable from the Naiad inside Evershade Forest.


  • The Naiads were nymphs in classical mythology living in and giving life to lakes, rivers, springs, and fountains.

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