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Nebulous Twitch is an Earth pony NPC found in the Evershade Forest.


Nebulous Twitch wears a Lab Coat on her body, Goggles on top of her head, and Boots on her front and back hooves.


  • "And the sound it made! Hah! I haven't heard something like that in months."
  • "Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species."
  • "Nothing to be frightened of here, not with such capable meat-shields standing guard."
  • "Rolled up like a window shade. Fantastic."
  • "Simple or compound? Was too much hair to tell, blast it. I'll have to go back and fix that report."
  • "It's not what's on the outside of a creature, It's what's the *Inside* that counts..."
  • "Hmm what is it?"
  • "Ugh, some of these trees are completely rotten. Walk by them and you can practically *hear* festering, waiting to topple over with a big wet squish."
  • "Tensile strength... Pull it until something snaps. Sssssss~pop."
  • "Proper pair of clamps to keep it spread open and exposed...Hrmm."
  • "Bones are remarkably sturdy you know... But not when they're dried out."
  • "Very weak and fluttery, no pressure behind it all.Very disappointing when it finally burst."
  • "Looks like you need something iIcan provide."