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Filly Swift is a young, orphaned pegasus. She never met her parents, but this hasn't kept her from soaring to the top of the list of the most elite fliers! She feels most at-home in the sky, out of reach of any danger, far away from any drama.

Filly's Youth[]

When she was born, Filly's parents had to send her to an orphanage, due to not being able to afford proper care. She was socially distant throughout school, and spent most of her free-time flying around Cloudsdale. She took to flying, and soared her way to become the youngest elite flier in Equestria. She had been requested to perform at air-shows alongside the Wonderbolts, and even out-flew Spitfire once! When she was 15, she received a letter of summons from the elite of the New Lunar Republic, who wanted to count her as one of their own.

Years of Service[]

After enlisting with the NLR's Lunar Air Corps, Filly began to earn promotions every month, eventually becoming the youngest commander of the NLR. She was picked on for being so small, at times, but she kept her chin up, and pushed on. "Big things start small.." She'd always say. She'd go on to save Ponyville from a creature from the Everfree, leading to her earning the respect of her subordinates, as well as her higher-ups. Currently, she is helping in the regrowth of the NLR, after the treaty with the Solar Empire nearly wiped it out, entirely.