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Paper Trail of Love is a quest given by Paper Trail at the desk inside the Crystal Castle. It is a short quest that takes place entirely in the Crystal Kingdom. It requires the player to make a delivery and then returning with a special article for Paper Trail.

Quest initiation[]

The player can start the quest by talking to Paper Trail at the desk inside the Crystal Castle and agreeing to help him with another job. He tasks the player to deliver a few reports to High Harvest, the Minister of Agriculture, and promises the player payment once the job is done.

Journal: Paper Trail gave me a second job recently, and it's relatively simple: Give some reports over to High Harvest. Should be simple enough.

  • Talk to High Harvest.

Delivering the reports[]

As per Paper Trail's instructions, the reports are to be given to High Harvest. High Harvest can be found in a backyard with his daughter Windy Seeds near the south side of the city just off the main southern road past near Ensemble.

Upon delivering the reports, High Harvest will recognize the reports, thank the player, and begin to gloss over them. Windy Seeds and High Harvest have a short conversation after which High Harvest asks where the player got these papers and who sent them. The player will then tell High Harvest that Paper Trail sent them, to which Windy Seeds will recognize the name and a second short conversation between father and daughter will ensue.

It is then that the player will be asked to deliver a book called The Working Pony to Paper Trail. With a new task on hand and information of the completed task to relay, the player should make their way back to Paper Trail.

Journal: Windy Seeds, High Harvest's daughter, made a book for Paper Trail to help him feel better, and the book's called "The Working Pony". I should give it to him, and let him know that High Harvest got his reports.

  • Deliver the book to Paper Trail

Quest completion[]

After returning to Paper Trail to inform him of completion of the task, the player can then hand over the book from Windy Seeds. The player will have the option to have Paper Trail read aloud the heart-felt passage within should said option be chosen. After a touching reaction to the book from Paper Trail, he thanks the player and rewards them with the agreed payment of 200 bits. The player also gains 250 XP in all talents.

Journal: (No additional entries)


  • The quest was unofficially made available in late March 2019, ahead of its official release.
  • The quest journal currently does not have any entry for the completion of the quest.