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Partying is a talent which primarily focuses on applying status effects on targets.

Gaining experience[]

Partying experience can be gained by using related skills on a mob before defeating them while in combat.

Outside of combat, quests can also award experience to Partying alongside other talents upon completion.


While not affecting mobs' health directly, most Partying skills allow players to gain an edge over mobs by applying debuffs, as well as keeping their tension balanced easily.

Icon Name Level TP cost Description & Notes
PillowBarrage.png Pillow Barrage 1 20 "You pummel your opponents with pillows, but somehow it calms them down. But I mean really, who can be mad in a pillowfight?"
Upgrades available: Seeing Stars, King of the Pillow Fort, Put the Can’t in Incantation
CandyShower.png Candy Shower 1 20 "You rain down candy upon your opponent, distracting and disorienting them"
Upgrade available: Sugar Rush, Candy Overload
SugarCrash.png Sugar Crash 1 500 "Your Party Powers are able to drive ponies to Sugar Crashes with too much candy, pacifying them against giving you any trouble about it"
Upgrades available: Sugar Stun, Party Pooper
SeismicBuckIcon.png Change of Heart 1 500 "Get your opponents to loosen up. Calm down the angry ones, and energize the timid ones"
Upgrade available: Life of the Party

Talent mastery[]

The maximum level that players can reach in Partying is 50.

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