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Pearlescent armor is an armor set introduced on the 2018.10.1 update that is created by transforming Sunlight armor into Pearlescent armor. To create Pearlescent armor, the player must talk to Golden Gauntlet with Sunlight armor pieces and marble dust in their inventory. The requirement for each piece is 5 Marble Dust, which makes a total of 25 dust for a full set.

While this armor offers lower physical defense compared to equipment with similar combat level requirements, it provides unusually high magic resist for a mid-level armor. However, this armor is primarily used by players as a material for crafting the highly customizable Iridescent armor.

Icon Name Armor Attack Magic Resist Recipe
Pearl helmet.png
Pearlescent Helmet 11 0 11
Pearl chestpl.png
Pearlescent Chest plate 10 0 10
Pearl backplat.png
Pearlescent Back plate 14 0 14
Pearl front.png
Pearlescent Front Legs 7 10 7
Pearl back.png
Pearlescent Back Legs 7 10 7
Total 49 20 49


Pearlescent armor on a pony