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Pitch Perfect is an Earth pony inhabitant located in the Crystal Kingdom. She can be found speaking with Choral Codex at the green arc entrance by walking up from the train station. She is also involved in the quest Rehearsal Roundup.


  • "It's hard enough to keep a normal sixteen-pony choir singing on key. Conducting an entire nation's performance will be a headache I'll never forget."
  • "Aspire to the greatest heights, the greatest works, the most sublime achievements! Do a thousand decent jobs, and you'll be forgotten. But perform even one masterpiece, and your autistic genius shall surmount the ages!"
  • "WE Choirponies spend MONTHS prepping to perform our Song. All I'm asking from our citizens is show enthusiasm for participating in our most precious tradition!"
  • "The grandest beauty is found in a full sensory experience. Neither words, pictures, nor sounds alone can do true beauty justice."
  • "The Keeper of the Song deserves all our respect... Though sometimes I wish he'd let us choirponies add our own spin to the Song."


  • Pitch-perfect means striking exactly right note or tone