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Ponydale is the starter town for earth ponies. It is a small town with many cottage-like buildings featuring thick straw roofs. The silhouette of Cantermore castle is visible in the distance if one looks towards the mountains. A train station that allows transportation to either Cantermore, the Crystal Kingdom, or Applewood can be found to the north-west corner of Ponydale.

Places of interest[]

Sweet Apple Orchard[]

Sweet Apple Orchard is an apple farm just a short walk away from Ponydale (just pass the train station). Although mainly apples are grown in this farm, carrots and other crops are cultivated as well. Low-leveled Bunnies are scattered about in the back field making it a good place for new players to train up their combat talent.

Sugarcane Corner[]

Sugarcane Corner is a confectionery shop located in the heart of Ponydale. Its unique gingerbread-frosted roof makes it a distinct landmark among the straw-roofed cottages in the town. Players may enter the building, which serves mainly as a gathering point for groups. Various music from the Brony community is played as the location's soundtrack.

Gem Mines[]

The Gem Mines is a cave system accessible from the northeastern edge of the town. Luminescent crystals and gems litter the tunnels, providing faint illumination. Low-leveled Husky Diamond Dogs can be found patrolling the mine, making this place an ideal location for new players training combat. A few artisan crafting stations can be found outside the entrance.

The Town Hall[]

Ponydale's town hall is the most iconic building within Ponydale, rising above most other structures in the vicinity. Other than being a landmark to aid players in local navigation, the town hall holds no other purpose.

The Boutique[]

The Boutique is a building which serves as both living quarters and a clothing store (SE section). Inside the boutique, the merchant NPC Marvell can be found selling some clothing items and patterns. He's also selling linen and canvas scrap required for crafting many artisan items.

Ponydale Library[]

Ponydale Library can be found in the northwestern region of the town. The structure is built directly into a large tree, with a bedroom on the upper level. Open books can be found on the ground floor, though they are blank. A stairway leads to the basement level, which is blocked off by a locked door.

Ponydale Park[]

The Park can be found on the east side of Ponydale. Dancer can be found here giving out dandelions which he picked from the ground. A portal to White Tail Park can be found in the middle of a ring of mushrooms near him.


  1. Anypony Got a Light is given by Taffy Treat inside Sugarcane Corner. (Festival of Lights Event Quest)
  2. A Treat for Taffy is also given by Taffy Treat. (Foal Only)
  3. Beep, Beep Delivery is given by Silver Platter inside Sugarcane Corner.
  4. Dandelion Tamer is given by Maplesweet outside the flower shop across the street from Sugarcane Corner.
  5. Dust and Bunnies is given by Polly Poppet, across the river east of Ponydale.
  6. Foal Life Consequences is given by Frizzy Stradlin outside the Ponydale Schoolhouse just west of Sugarcane Corner.
  7. Getting Down to Brass Tax is given by Spudnickus Von Winklehammer, Esq in Sweet Apple Orchard.
  8. Good Egg is another quest given by Silver Platter inside Sugarcane Corner.
  9. Knead for Speed is given by Linguine outside of the Clover Cafe.
  10. Mindless Violins is given by Midnight Breeze, who is under a tree near the Ponydale Schoolhouse.
  11. Sock it to 'em is given by Stocking Stuffer near Sugarcane Corner. (Christmas exclusive quest)
  12. Strawberry Fields is another quest given by Silver Platter inside Sugarcane Corner.
  13. Supplying the Hospital is given by Nurse Coldhoof, who is outside the hospital in southwest Ponydale.
  14. The Pest Offense is another quest given by Spudnickus Von Winklehammer, Esq in Sweet Apple Orchard.
  15. Tomorrow, Spring is Here is given by Check List, who is in front of the town hall. (Winter Warm-Up Event Quest)
  16. Tonic's Tonic is given by Tonic near the water tree, close to the Hospital.

Notable NPCs[]

The full list of NPCs can be found at List of NPCs
Buttercup Chef Linguine Dancer Frizzy Stradlin Gomi
Buttercup.png Chef Linguine.png Dancer OSE8.png Frizzy Stradlin.png Gomi.png
Merchant; sells clothing and all tiers of armor Involved in Supplying the Hospital Involved in Chlorophiliac, Dandelion Tamer and Foal Life Consequences Involved in Foal Life Consequences Involved in Beep, Beep Delivery
Granny Grey Maplesweet Mercury Midnight Breeze Nurse Coldhoof
Granny Gray OSE10.png Maplesweet OSE6.png Mercury.png Midnight Breeze.png Nurse Coldhoof.png
Involved in Beep, Beep Delivery Involved in Dandelion Tamer and Foal Life Consequences Involved in Intensive Carrot Unit and Mindless Violins Involved in Mindless Violins Involved in Supplying the Hospital
Polly Poppet Sawbuck Tonic Vogue Sharp Wanda Percent
Polly Poppet.png Sawbuck.png Tonic.png Vogue Sharp.png Wanda Percent.png
Involved in Dust and Bunnies and Foal Life Consequences Involved in Beep, Beep Delivery Involved in Supplying the Hospital Involved in Intensive Carrot Unit Involved in Intensive Carrot Unit and Mindless Violins
Wayward Wobble Bass
Wayward.png Wobble Bass OSE6.png
Involved in Mindless Violins and Removing Cookies and Browsing Data Involved in Shown Their Work


  • In early versions of the game, a Pac-Man like game could be accessed by entering a well near Sugarcane Corner. A pegasus racing game involving hoops was also present. Both minigames have been removed as they have been deemed nonessential for core gameplay.
  • Between Open Server Events 8 and 9, the map orientation for Ponydale was rotated 180 degrees. Previously, the river was on the north and west and the railroad on the east.


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