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A close-up of the magical well.

An early feature within Ponydale was the mysterious Ponydale Well, which was located close to the Town Hall and Sugarcane Corner. It allowed playing a Pacman styled mini-game. The well teleports the player to the game upon contact, working just like any other portal in the game.

The well, located near Sugarcane Corner

Pacman-style Mini Game[]

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When the player walked into the well, they were teleported to a Pacman-style arcade game. The initial screen showed the player as a small purple filly, and started them off with 3 lives. Players could move by using the arrow keys.

The minigame's goal is to collect all the cookies on the screen (much like the Classic Pacman's orbs) to advance to the next level. There are cakes located in each of the four corners of the game screen, which will grant the player the ability to take out the parasprites for a certain amount of time.

The Pacman-style minigame, inside the well.