The portal from Cloudopolis to the Heartlands

A portal is the mechanism by which ponies can pass between zones or connected points within a zone. They are used to enter and leave buildings as well as travel between towns.


Most portals (particularly those connecting zones) appear as a ring of a white flame-like effect that leans outward from the ground it sets on and is the most visible version. Others (such as those moving ponies between two points in the same zone) can have the appearance of white sparkles or white radiant lines, or a combination of any of the three. The effects are immaterial, and do not impede a pony's movement.

The portals at the train stations of Cantermore, the Crystal Kingdom, and Ponydale are displayed as signs listing their destinations.

Where foundEdit

It's most common for portals to be located in front of doors or on paths. Train station portals are placed on walls in highly visible locations.


To activate a portal and make a pony travel to a new location, either move the pony on top of the portal or left-click on the portal to call up a menu of the location it leads to. Once active, a loading screen for the new area will be displayed until the relocation is completed. It should be noted that on occasion there can be a notable delay before teleportation commences.

It is worth noting that portals which move a pony to a different zone (such as from Cloudopolis to the Heartlands, for example, depicted above) typically have a sign near them identifying where they lead. All portal menus name their destinations.

There are also portals connecting to a point elsewhere in the same map. These serve as shortcuts for long distances or to reach places of limited access such as balconies. Shortcut portals tend to not have clear indications of where they lead and may be easily overlooked.

Train StationsEdit

At a train station, the portal has multiple destinations, making automatic activation impractical. Instead, left-clicking on the sign will bring up a menu with available options. Clicking on the desired destination begins the transfer.


  • There is a portal on the stairway between the first and second floors of the Ponydale Library that may not be visible.


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