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Princess Button is co-lead of human resources, an implementer, as well as a part-time moderator on the Legends of Equestria team.

She has been on the implementation (formerly technical writing) team since its creation, and on the mod team since the Fall of 2014 (approximately). As an implementer, she scripts NPCs and quests for the game and implements them accordingly. And as a mod, she attempts to keep the forums (and the game, when applicable) safe and happy and friendly to all.

Button joined the human resources team in the Summer of 2015 and was promoted by Gremlin Grenade as his co-lead of the department in the Winter. Her job as HR co-lead includes general project co-ordination and organization, as well as facilitation of communication between team members. HR's general existence revolves around making the lives of the rest of the team easier, making sure everyone is on the same page, and of course, making sure that all team members are happy and feel welcome in their environment.

Princess Button has been around since the beginning of Legends of Equestria when the new forum was just launched. Originally on the forums under the name of that well known pink party pony, she changed her forum name to her OC to avoid copyright issues.

For some reason, Princes Button enjoys writing in the third person at this moment in time.

Also responds to Pinkie, Ponkee, Button, Butt, Booty, Pinks, and Ponks.