Legends of Equestria Wiki

Players will be able to explore Legends of Equestria as any one of the three main pony races, the earth pony, pegasus and unicorn. Each of the three races have different intrinsic attributes that make them unique. Each also starts off at a different location, but can eventually travel to explore all areas. All three races have 300 Health at level 1. Earth ponies have 125 Energy, while the other two have 100 Energy.

These races are also used for the game's NPCs.

Earth pony

"Earth ponies are hard workers and grow food for the rest of Equestria. They tend to have a way with animals and can control them better. All that hard work also means that earth ponies can carry more things and last longer in battle."

  • Fastest walking and running speeds
  • Ability to acquire combat-based pets
  • Quicker Health rengeration
  • 25% more energy as compared to other races


"Often considered higher cultured than the other races, unicorns have an affinity for magic. They have a spell for every occasion; offensive, defensive, or just for fun. This boost in magical power comes with poor defensive power, however, so unicorns will want to keep their distance from enemies."

  • Ability to teleport
  • Strong ranged offensive spells
  • Weak defense


"As a Pegasus, you will move and attack faster. You will be able to avoid enemy attacks more easily and fly. The pegasus will learn a variety of aerial tricks and maneuvers for navigating the skies, and the extra speed will allow for many short, rapid attacks against your foes."

  • Ability to fly
  • Higher chance of avoiding enemies' attacks
  • Weaker offensive attacks


Quite the contrary to popular desire, the development team has been adamant that there will be no winged unicorn ponies in Legends of Equestria. They are not a playable race, even for moderators or administrators. Alicorn NPCs will also not be present in the game.

Although the term has been used recently to refer to a winged unicorn, the word "alicorn" properly refers to the horn of a unicorn and the substance it is made of.