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Reed is an Earth pony NPC located in Cantermore directly to the east of the stage where graduation takes place. He apparently is gifted at playing many woodwind (reed) instruments, but comes across as very rude and conceited.


  • "I don't practice, I merely show off to myself."
  • "Everypony makes mistakes, even one as gifted as myself. I just make them less."
  • "Do you mind? World-class instrumentalists don't need ponies like you wasting their time."
  • "I suppose I did learn just a few things. Nothing I needed to know, of course, but a few things."
  • "Ah...brilliance!"
  • "Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon... It's truly wonderful being gifted with the natural ability to play so many instruments."
  • "I may be gifted, but that insufferable vocalist wasn't about to let me off without one of her tedious lessons."
  • "Look at them. Ordinary ponies, all thinking everypony else is as ordinary as them... if only they could see my brilliance, then maybe they could be just a little more remarkable."