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The Rhyme of the Ancient Aviator is the story of the eponymous pony that players may experience in this quest of the same name.

Quest initiation[]

There is nothing more to it - find The Ancient Aviator in Cloudopolis and listen to his tale.

The Ancient Aviator recites his tale in the form of a poem, one line at a time. Periodically, the player is offered to choose a response, which either allows him to continue or to stop his tale.

Quest completion[]

After listening to the tale, he rewards the player with a piece of Smooth Rock as well as the Navigator's Lantern which the player can equip. The player also gains 500 XP in all talents.

The quest may be repeated as many times as the player wishes, but the rewards are only awarded the first time it is completed.

Journal: (No additional entries)


  • The title of the quest is a reference to the notable poem of the early romantic period The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.
  • It is revealed in his tale on why he does not have a talent mark.
  • When this quest was first introduced, the original location of The Ancient Aviator makes it unlikely that anything but a pegasus will ever be able to start it.
    • As of Open Server Event 11, he had been moved to a location that is accessible to all races.
  • Originally, the quest rewarded the player with a regular Lantern.
  • The quest journal currently does not have any entry for this quest.


For the quest's full dialog, see Rhyme of the Ancient Aviator/Dialog.