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A Ruby is an item that can be dropped by enemies, or bought from Dashing Delano in Cantermore for 900 bits.


Gaining experience[]

Captain Clean Whistle will ask the player if they have any rubies. If they have at least five, she will reward the player with 50 XP in all talents. This can be repeated four more times for a total of 250 XP.

Harmony crafting[]

Health Regen Harmonies require rubies to craft.

Ruby Dust[]

Ruby Dust can be obtained by asking Klondike Hicks to grind up a ruby.


  • When first introduced, each Ruby had a selling price of only 7 bits.
  • Ruby used to be available as an obtainable item from the Gem Mines until Open Access Release V. 2018.08.01, where Ruby Dust replaced it[1].