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Science is Unicorn-exclusive talent which offers players ability to research new recipes, making potions and artifacts.

Science skill tree.png

Getting Started[]

First buy basic recipes from Halite, Graphite, Gypsum, Silicon. Next go to Ponydale Library basement. You will find there Research Table, Assembly Runes and Alchemy Set.

Earning XP[]


Icon Name Level TP cost Description & Notes
Foresight.png Foresight 1 30 "You gain a better idea of what you are researching."
Extrapolator.png Extrapolator 1 500 "Your analysis of the research trend allows you to better predict what items will be required next."'
Nondestructive testing.png Nondestructive Testing 1 40 "Careful handling of your research materials provides you a slightly better chance of preserving them during research."'
Potionsmaster.png Potions Master 1 500 "You gain a small chance of brewing a concentrated potion, providing more intense effects to the drinker."'
Arcane engineer.png Arcane Engineer 1 20 "You discover a quirk in the assembly runes that occasionally allows you two craft twice as many items with the same raw materials."'
Catalysis.png Catalysis 1 20 "Experience allows you to work faster in your creative scientific endeavors"'


Result Ingredients xp given
Fireworks Trail 150
Magical Catalyst 760
Legendary Infusion 850
Advanced Infusion 740
Basic Infusion 680
Heating Catalyst 400
Prismatic Crystal Shard 160
Kimberlite Essence x8 40
Titanium Corundum Dust x8 40
Beryl Essence x8 40
Ruby Dust x8 40
Cloudopolis Teleport Crystal 300
Blue Firework Pearls 360
Green Firework Pearls 360
Red Firework Trail 360
Fireworks Rise 180
Fireworks 120
Paper 15
Explorer's Teleport Crystal 540
Evershade Gorge Teleport Crystal 510
Evershade Hut Teleport Crystal 490
Evershade Teleport Crystal 460
Frontier Teleport Crystal 410
Cantermore Teleport Crystal 230
Apple Orchard Teleport Crystal 170
Crystal Kingdom Teleport Crystal 90
Ponydale Teleport Crystal 40
Flux 600
Battlemage Potion 1620
Warrior Potion 1480
Vibrance Potion 1200
Phantom Potion 1250
Warding Potion 1160
Expeditious Potion 910
Elusive Potion 880
Toughness Potion 750
Power Potion 700
Vitality Potion 630
Arcane Potion 500
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