Name: P.T. Big-Top
Type: EarthPony
Gender: Stallion
BodySize: 1.1
EyeColor: 64, 160, 255
BodyColor: 210, 180, 140
HairColor1: 156, 102, 31
HairColor2: 156, 102, 31
HoofColor: 100, 132, 170
Mane: 0
Tail: 0
Eye: 0
Hoof: 0
Cutiemark1: cutie_dumbell1
Position: -8, -195.3037, 340
Rotation: 0, 0, 0, 1
Script: PTBigTop.pscript
Shop: 0

.pony file

name: obviously what appears to everyone else

type: EarthPony, Unicorn, or Pegasus

gender: Stallion, Mare, Filly, Colt. You can choose whatever you want, but currently only the Mare model will be used.

BodySize: this is a float value, and is a multiplyer of the original size. Do not go outside the range of 0.9 - 1.1, unless you really really feel like it.

EyeColor, BodyColor, HairColor1, HairColor2, HoofColor : 3 rgb values. use an online colorpicker if you don't know.

Mane, Tail, Eye, Hoof: integer values, as given by what's available in the character creator. (They should be in order, starting at 0). If you don't feel like guessing, ask a programmer.

Cutiemark1, 2, 3: name of the cutiemark. use the cutiemark manager tool, and use the filename

Shop is optional, and the number is the shop id, as defined in the shops.xml file

Position, Rotation: in the game, type in the chat

/position true

A little box in the top right will tell you your position and rotation. typeing /position false will turn it off

Script: the name of the dialog script file. this needs to exist right beside this .pony file. Can be named whatever, with any extension (so .txt works too), it just needs to be set the same as this line.