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Script Error is a quest obtained from Salarymane in Cantermore. It is an easy mission that does not involve combat.

Quest initiation[]

Salarymane is tan stallion, with a grey mane and tail and light brown eyes. He can be found outside the Bank building in Cantermore. The building itself has four Greco-Roman columns on the front and is located on the southwest side of the Market District.

Salarymane was asked to do an article in the Cantermore Chronicle about the banks services. After he wrote it, he put it in an envelope and set it aside to give to Final Ink. Unfortunately, instead of giving Final Ink the article, he had given her an accounting document. The player must go get the accounting document back from Final Ink.

Journal: Salarymane wants me to get his accounting document from Final Ink.

  • Talk to Final Ink.

Retrieving the accounting document[]

Final Ink is located in front of the library which is in between the Market District and Cantermore University. She will remark that she is happy that there is one less thing for her to do after the player retrieves the document.

Journal: Final Ink gave me the envelope. I should return it to Salarymane.

  • Return to Salarymane

Returning the accounting document[]

WARNING: If the player tells Salarymane that they have not got the document, and will not get the document, Salarymane will refuse to talk to the player anymore and the quest will remain unfinished.

When the player returns the accounting document to Salarymane, he says that he needs to edit his news article but does not have a pencil handy, but Final Ink has plenty!

Journal: Salarymane needs a pencil, and says Final Ink has one she might lend him.

  • Return to Salarymane

Borrowing a pencil[]

The player must weather the irritable librarian's gruff attitude again to acquire a pencil.

Journal: Final Ink gave me the pencil. Now to bring it to Salarymane.

  • Get the pencil to Salarymane

Making the edit[]

Return to Salarymane to give him the pencil. He will edit his article and gives back both the article and the pencil to return to Final Ink.

Journal: Salarymane wants me to bring his article to Final Ink.

  • Return the article to Final Ink.

Quest completion[]

When the player returns to Final Ink, she collects the article and will let the player keep the pencil. The player also gains 50 XP in all talents.

Journal: I've delivered Salarymane's article to Final Ink.


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