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How Buttercup's shop appears in the game.

A Shop is the menu option for some NPCs that allows a player to have their pony buy and sell items from its inventory. These NPCs are called merchant ponies.


When right-clicked, most merchant ponies have a menu option of "Shop" in addition to the standard "Talk".

By clicking on "Shop", the game window mostly fills with the shopping display. On the right is the player pony's inventory storage, on the left a scrollable icon menu resembling a cabinet of the things the merchant pony offers. The lower portion of the display varies based on the item selected.

The shopping display must be deliberately exited. It does not close automatically, allowing a player to make multiple transactions without bringing the display back up.


Selecting an item in the player pony's inventory displays the item's description including how much it can be sold for. Clicking the "Sell" button removes all items in that slot and deposits the appropriate number of bits (value x quantity) in the pony's bit storage. Make sure you're in a shop like Buttercup's shop.


Selecting an item in the cabinet displays the item's description including how much it costs. Clicking the "Buy" button removes the specified number of bits from the pony's bit storage and deposits one of that item in its inventory. If the pony has insufficient bits to make the purchase, the transaction will not go through and a message to that effect appears.