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Silver Platter is an earth pony NPC who is the shopkeeper of Sugarcane Corner. He sells a variety of pies that can be bought for about 6 bits, as well as other foodstuffs normally sold in a confectionery shop.


Icon Name Buy (bits) Sell (bits)
Cookie.png Plain Cookie 15 3
Cupcake.png Mini Cupcake 12 2
Strawberry Torte.png Strawberry Torte 70 14
Whipped Cream Pie.png Whipped Cream Pie 22 4
Whipped Cream Pie.png Apple Pie 110 22
Pie Blue.png Gooseberry Pie 23 4
Whipped Cream Pie.png Banoffee Pie 55 11
Pie Red.png Strawberry Pie 45 9
Pie Red.png Raspberry Pie 30 6
Pie Red.png Cherry Pie 40 8
Pie Blue.png Blueberry Pie 18 3
Sugar(Item).png Sugar 2 0
ChocolateBar.png Chocolate Bar 34 6
CookieDough.png Cookie Dough 11 2
OrangeJuice.png Orange Juice 10 2
Watermelon.png Watermelon 100 20


  • "Welcome to Sugarcane Corner, feel free to look around!"
  • "Hi! Welcome to Sugarcane Corner! I'm your friendly conveyor of confectioneries! What's got your sweet tooth going today?"


  • His name is a reference to the phrase "on a silver platter", meaning giving/receiving something for little or no effort.