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Six Shooter is an earth pony NPC who can be found outside the saloon in Applewood. Player has to interact with him during the quest They're On to My Lampshades. Six Shooter wears a cowpony hat, which can be got as a quest reward from him.


  • "I don't like talking, which is at least part of the reason I'm upset right now."
  • "I ain't no lawpony, but I won't stay for any trouble."
  • "You'd best treat the folks here kindly, or we'll have a problem."
  • "...the pony there among them had a silver star on his flaaaank... silver star on his flaaaank..."
  • "I know it's a stereotype, but every cow I've ever met has been female."
  • "Why don't you go and leave me be?"
  • "When I'm upset, I talk to other ponies."
  • "...to the town of Applewood-ia came a pony one fine daaaay..."
  • "You ever met one of those ponies from the Crystal Kingdom? I wonder if they're actually MADE from crystal. Like... CRYSTAL."
  • "You see any of them bandits, you come to me. Quick Draw has enough trouble on her hooves."