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When the player talks to Turbine, in Cloudopolis, near the Hospital, he asks them for a favor. He's apparently waiting for an oil shipment that doesn't seem to arrive. He asks the player to see what wrong and tells them to go find Enki, in Cantermore.

Journal: Turbine sent us to the alchemist, Enki, to see where his oil shipment is.

  • Ask Enki for oil.


Enki can be found near the Cantermore magic school, on the right side of it. When asked about the oil, Enki pretends to have already sent the oil, and that it should arrive by tomorrow. However, Turbine cannot wait, and the player should press Enki for oil right now. Enki proposes to go search for sunflower seeds in order to make sunflower oil, however doesn't tell the player about where to search for it. The quest book gives the next step: search for Polly Poppet.

Journal: Enki already sent the shipment, but it won't arrive until tomorrow, so we're going to get sunflower seeds so that enki can make sunflower oil to use temporarily.

  • See if Polly has seeds

Polly Poppet[]

Polly Poppet can be found in Ponydale, on the other side of the river, sitting near the gazebo. Ask her about the sunflower seeds, and she gives them. Now back to Enki.

Journal: Polly Poppet had the sunflower seeds. Now to get them back to Enki.

  • Get the seeds to Enki

Back to Enki[]

When talking to Enki, she will get the sunflower seeds and make the oil. Talk to her again to receive the oil and go back to Turbine

Journal: We've got the sunflower oil. Now let's get this to Turbine

  • Get the oil to Turbine

Getting the oil back to Turbine[]

When giving the oil back, Turbine will give you 20 bits and 4 heating catalysts as a reward.


  • There is a bug where Enki does not take the player's Sunflower Seeds item to make Sunflower Oil. However, they will still receive the Sunflower Oil when Enki is talked to again.