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Strawberry Fields is a quest obtainable by asking Silver Platter in Ponydale's Sugarcane Corner on what he recommends to visitors.

Quest initiation[]

Silver Platter recommends the Strawberry Torte to the player when asked, and at the same time remarks that he is afraid to harvest more strawberries as the bees have started hanging around the fields. The player can then offer to harvest strawberries on behalf of him, and Silver Platter will request for twenty in return for a Strawberry Torte and something extra. However, Silver Platter mentions that the fields is somewhere in the universe.

Journal: Is there a strawberry field in Ponydale?

  • Return to Silver Platter

Quest completion[]

Talking to Silver Platter again and claiming that there are neither strawberry fields nor bees anywhere around Ponydale will complete the quest. The player will be rewarded with a Strawberry Torte, 100 bits, and 200 XP.

Journal: There was no strawberry field in Ponydale, but at least I got something for my trouble.


  • During Open Server Event 11, talking to Silver Platter only initiates the Good Egg quest, even after the Good Egg quest have been completed, making this quest inaccessible.