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Study Bug is an earth pony NPC that can be found in the Cantermore School grounds, the dialogue suggests that he is an entomologist teacher. 


  • "Welcome to Cantermore University! We are always enrolling for next year. If you're interested in learning from the best of the best, that is."
  • "Bugs are quite fascinating. Sometimes, they can be smarter than you think. And no, that's not a pun on my name. Stop laughing, please."
  • "Adorkable? Me? I don't even know what that word means. Guess there is still much to learn."
  • "It always brings me happiness when an academician grasps a new concept. You can see the joy in their eyes."
  • "I should be publishing my next book, The Habits of Bugs, From Changeling to Ladybugs, next autumn. I had a very good point of observation on all species featured."
  • "Ah, so many ponies are interested in the art of reading these days. It brings me joy."
  • "Off to class now, are we?"