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Taffy Treat is a unicorn NPC found in the mixing room of Sugarcane Corner, just behind the kitchen. She is referenced when speaking to Candy Floss.


  • "Shh!  Mixing taffy requires dedication and a steady hoof."
  • "How can i help you? May i provide you with some treats? Perhaps ones made out of... taffy?"
  • "Ponies say there's too much conflict in the world. When i'm here, I forget the world exists!"
  • "Hello there! Is there anything you need? You should probably not be snooping behind the desk if you want something."
  • "I was named "Taffy Treat" at birth by my parents. It was either sheer coincidence or some sort of self~fulfilling prophesy that I now make and sell taffy treats? I don't know. I just don't know."
  • "This place can be really scary at night."
  • "I'm not sure if customers are actually supposed to be back here."
  • "I would give you some taffy for free, but Candy Floss would be angry. That would also be a theft."