A player's Talent represents their proficiency in a group of skills. Talents can be trained by performing various activities related to that talent. In doing so, experience is awarded to that talent. Completing Quests can also award experience to different talents.

Advancing a level in a talent automatically upgrades all basic aspects of skills within that talent. Additionally, players earn Training Points that can be used to purchase new skills in that talent, or to upgrade special aspects of skills they already own.

Talent classesEdit

Talents can be grouped into 16 unique classes.

Cutie chef hat Cooking Cutie axe1 Mining Cutie red cross Medical Cutie party hat2 Partying
Flip music note2 Music Cutie quill1 Writing Cutie corn Farming Cutie paw1 Animal Care
Cutie silver wing Flying Cutie cloud1 Weather Cutie magic3 Magic Cutie tubes1 Science
Cutie bits Economic Cutie hammer1 Artisan Cutie rose1 Fashion Cutie sword1 Combat

Talent MarksEdit


A pony with a talent mark

A Talent Mark is a symbol on a pony's flank that symbolizes the pony's talent. During alpha development, ponies are created with up to one Talent Mark selected by the player from the in-game character creator.

In the public release of the game, players start out as a filly or a colt and pursue a talent through a series of quests. Once the quest line has been completed, the player unlocks a group of related Talent Marks to choose from. By selecting a Talent Mark, the player becomes a specialist in that talent, which allows them to purchase more powerful skills that would otherwise be unobtainable. Note that specializing in a talent does not prevent players from using skills in other talents.

Players cannot upload custom talent marks due to the difficulty in moderating the images. However, up to three earned talent marks can be combined together to create a unique mark. Players can also recolor the marks to an extent. It is anticipated that there may be over 300 Talent Marks when the game is released, allowing for over 4 million possible combinations.

Base TalentsEdit

In addition to the talents that players may pursue, each of the pony races have base talents that contain fundamental abilities such as running speed and basic combat skills. These abilities are unlocked upon starting the game, but do not have special effects that can be upgraded with Training Points. Abilities under Base Talent improve with the player's selected talent mark.

EarthponyTalentPageA01Dev UnicornTalentPageA01Dev PegasusTalentPageA01Dev
Icon Name Energy cost Damage dealt Tension Range Cooldown Description & Notes
GroundPoundIconGround Pound 15 35 +35 2 1.5 "Pony smash!"
GroundPoundIcon Bubble Barrage 15 35 -35 2 1.5 "Bubbles! What pony doesn't like bubbles?"


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