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Tartarus is a hidden location in Legends of Equestria that players were once able to visit. In the second stress test, players could access Tartarus via the Gem Mines, by clicking on a caved-in tunnel. There are 2 circular platforms inside Tartarus, namely the entrance platform, where players arrive upon teleport, and the huge main platform, which spans over 400 hoofsteps in diameter. Both platforms are held in place by massive chains, and are linked by a bridge adorned with glowing blue runes.

The location was first showcased by the Legends of Equestria team during Galacon in Europe. A video was also uploaded by Legends of Equestria in August of 2012, showing the location. Tartarus was removed in the subsequent stress tests, as the area was no longer under development, as stated by the team at Everfree Northwest 2014.

  • Photo showing the blue runes, taken on a private server.
  • The entrance platform of Tartarus, about 200 hoofsteps in diameter.
  • A video uploaded by Legends of Equestria, showing a brief glimpse of Tartarus.
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