The Frontier is a large, barely populated map based on the Wild West.

Places of interest Edit

Applewood Edit

Applewood is a small town and the entry to The Frontier; the portal is directly in front of the Applewood station.

Dodge Juncture Edit

Dodge Juncture is a settlement on the railroad track north of Applewood.

Cherry Ranch Edit

The Cherry Ranch is a farm house with a cherry tree field directly west of Dodge Juncture.

Camp Site Edit

The camp site is somewhat hidden in the mountains in the north east of The Frontier. A large camp fire lights up during nighttime.

The Frontier camp day

The camp site during daytime

The Frontier camp night

The camp site at night

Mountains Edit


In mountains there are mining spots for Copper Ore, Tin Ore and Iron Ore

Highest Plateu Edit


Elementium Crystal can be mined there

NPCs Edit

See also the List of NPCs.

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