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The Frontier is a large wilderness map based on the Wild West.

Places of interest[]


Applewood is a small town and the entry to The Frontier; the portal is directly in front of the Applewood station.

Dodge Juncture[]

Dodge Juncture is a tiny settlement on the end of the railroad track that runs to the north of Applewood. A single level 20 Pegasus Rock Golem can be found on a hill not far from the settlement.

Cherry Ranch[]

The Cherry Ranch is an isolated farm house with a field of cherry trees directly west of Dodge Juncture.

Camp Site[]

The camp site is somewhat hidden in the mountains in the north east of The Frontier. A large camp fire lights up during nighttime.

The camp site during daytime

The camp site at night

Iron Ridges[]


In the mountain range north of Applewood, a jagged series of peaks marks the famous Iron Ridges. Known as one of the richest mother lodes in all of Equestria, ponies can find plentiful mining spots for Copper Ore, Tin Ore and Iron Ore.

Highest Plateau[]

2020-08-25 18-58-11-6812.png

Soaring high over the Frontier, this plateau can only be climbed via a rickety staircase that leads to a treacherous trail wrapping around the face of the cliff. Brave ponies who make the climb are rewarded with a spectacular view and the chance to mine Elementium Crystals. The entrance to the Applewood Mines is located at the bottom of the side of the plateau facing Dodge Juncture.


Name Prerequisites Length Rewards
They're On To My Lampshades Short

EnergyIconGreen.png 400 Combat XP

Going For Baroque
  • Speak to Primrose Primp to begin
Short EnergyIconGreen.png 1200 Combat XP

EnergyIconGreen.png 1200 Cooking XP

Smokey In The Pokey Very Short EnergyIconGreen.png 300 universal XP
Bad Day For A Director
  • Speak to Nutmeg to begin
Medium EnergyIconGreen.png 1500 Combat XP
Script Calamity Short Film Reel's Autograph
What Little Brother? Very Short


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