The Heartlands, also known as Equestrian Heartlands, is a transition map in Legends of Equestria, linking three major cities (Cantermore, Cloudopolis, and Ponydale). It has a size of about five times that of Cantermore. Multiple points of interest can be found in The Heartlands, most notably the Midway Village.

According to the NPC Rear Echelon, the Heartlands is considered to be a wilderness area. This is emphasized by the number of mob clusters in the area, such as Husky and Corgi Diamond Dogs, Lantern Monsters, and even Dragons.

Places of InterestEdit

Midway VillageEdit


The Midway Village is found at the intersection of the roads leading to Ponydale, Cantermore and Cloudopolis. The NPC Chestnut Spruce runs a furniture shop here, while Cherries Letrotsky is in charge of the village's inn. Neigh Sayer, Briquette, Olga Ulfstig and Swift can also be found in the village.

A trio of Bunnies can be found hopping around the grass under a tree in the village.

Two houses are located near but separate from the village. To the south is Foreshadow's retreat, the Hermit's Cottage. To the southwest is Heartlands Cottage where Quicksand can be found.

Ferry LaunchEdit


The Ferry Launch

When players follow the signs leading to the Ferry Launch, they will arrive at a small pier with a fishing rod driven into it. A small tent, an overturned boat, as well as some netting can be found around the pier.

The Pumpkin PatchEdit

Pumpkin Patch

A player approaching the Pumpkin Patch

When taking the road that branches off from the road towards Ferry Launch, players will arrive at a pumpkin farm named the Pumpkin Patch. The NPCs Pumpkin Pie and Beet can be found here.

Husky Diamond Dogs and Cockatrices can be found spawning nearby.

Wheat farmEdit


The wheat farm can be seen while traveling between Ponydale and the Midway Village. It consists of several wheat plantations surrounded by a river, as well as a few buildings which are likely used to store the harvest. Cold Steel is the only NPC in this region.

Husky Diamond Dogs will spawn in some of the stands of wheat.

Rooster TowersEdit


The Rooster Towers is a trio of wooden towers linked by bridges. Players entering The Heartlands from Cantermore should be able to spot this structure not too far off in the distance and will pass it on the way to Midway Village. The NPCs Purple Rain and Stella can be found here. Birch Dryads spawn in a small valley nearby.

There are similar towers in at least two other parts of the Heartlands.

A different tower design called the Roost by the development team and dubbed the Griffin Nest or Griffin Tower by players is located between Midway Village and the gate to Cloudopolis. It has no ramps, so its elevated levels are only accessible by flight or teleportation.

Sparring area Edit


The Sparring area is a dedicated arena where players can engage in Player versus Player (PvP) combat in an open zone. This arena can be accessed by entering any of four portals around the fountain in Midway Village. Any player that enters the area can be attacked by other players. A transparent red wall bounds the area where PvP combat can take place. This is one of two locations where players can battle each other.

Exiting the sparring area zone deposits a player's pony on a porch overlooking the fountain.

Waterfall Trees Edit

There are two Waterfall Trees in the Heartlands. One is in the northwest, west of the portal to Cloudopolis and outside the limits of pony movement. The other is in the northeast, near the portal to Cantermore, and is mostly accessible by ponies.

Cemetery Edit

The cemetery can be found near the Cantermore portal. In the daytime, like everywhere else in the Heartlands, the area is clear, but at night however, a thick gray fog covers the cemetery while the squawking of crows can be heard as you enter it.

Pegasi will be unable to fly once they've entered the cemetery and if they attempt to do so, they will immediately land and the message 'A mysterious force prevents you from flying' will appear in the chatbox.

Ancient Athmanes Digsite Edit

The Ancient Athmanes Digsite can be found in the massive pit near the medium-sized Rooster Tower. It also hosts the entrance to the Dig Site Dungeon.

Quests Edit

  1. Dishonorably Discharged is given by Cold Steel, who can be found at the Wheat Farm between Midway Village and the Ponydale portal.
  2. Following In Her Hoofsteps is given by Silky Roads, who can be found next to Primary Source in the Midway Village.
  3. Going to the Dogs is also given by Pumpkin Pie (Unsaddling Implications must be completed first).
  4. It Belongs in a Museum is given out by Pyrite (Mindless Violins must be completed first).
  5. Shown Their Work is given by Foreshadow at the Hermit's Cottage near Midway Village.
  6. Startrot: The Mysteries of Space is given by Sextant, who can be found atop Constellation Hill near the Cloudopolis portal.
  7. Straight and Narrow is given by Beet in the Pumpkin patch.
  8. Unsaddling Implications is given by Pumpkin Pie in the Pumpkin Patch.
  9. We'll Fix It In Post is given by Purple Rain in the Rooster Towers.

Notable NPCsEdit

The full list of NPCs can be found at List of NPCs
Beet Cold Steel Foreshadow Olga Ulfstig Pumpkin Pie
Beet Cold Steel Foreshadow Olga Ulfstig OSE9 Unsaddling Implications 1
Involved in Straight and Narrow Involved in Dishonorably Discharged Involved in Shown Their Work Involved in Mindless Violins Involved in Straight and Narrow
Purple Rain Pyrite Quicksand Rear Echelon Sextant
Purple Rain Pyrite Quicksand OSE9 Rear Echelon OSE10 Sextant
Involved in We'll Fix It In Post Involved in Mindless Violins Involved in We'll Fix It In Post Merchant; sells basic combat-related equipment Involved in Startrot: The Mysteries of Space
Silky Roads Star Chaser Swift
Silky Roads Stella Swift OSE9
Merchant; sells clothing, armor and food. Involved in Following In Her Hoofsteps Involved in Dishonorably Discharged Involved in Mindless Violins


  • The map was implemented in pre-alpha 5
  • Before the map was modeled, developers originally planned for the map to be twice as large as the version that was eventually worked on. The map was scaled down to reduce CPU load on older computers.


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