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They're On To My Lampshades is a quest given by Wooden Nickel in the The Frontier. He implies that he is in trouble, after trying to get more information, he explains that he sold highly flammable lamps. Player gets quest to help him out

Quest initiation[]

Journal: I met an old conpony named Wooden Nickel in the Applewood saloon. He's being pursued by bounty hunter named Six Shooter due to uncollected debt, and asked that I pass along message that he's ready to pay up and come quietly. But he also subtly implied that he'll pay me if i can strongarm Six Shooter to abandon the hit. Decisions, decisions...

  • Talk to Six Shooter

Passing along the message[]

After player choose to pass the message and sharing Wooden Nickel location Six Shooter thanks for player's honesty.

Journal: I passed along Wooden Nickel's message, and Six Shooter will be visiting him shortly to resolve this bounty peacefully. Now I just need to visit Nickel myself to get my cut

  • Return to Wooden Nickel


Journal: Wooden Nickel paid his price and is now free.