Training points being used on the Flying talent

Training Points, abbreviated as TP in-game, represent a player's potential in a Talent, and are awarded when a player levels up in that Talent. These points can be spent to purchase new skills from the same talent, or to upgrade existing ones with special effects.

Obtaining Training PointsEdit

20 Training Points are awarded to a specific Talent whenever it gains a level. Talents themselves gain levels by accumulating sufficient Experience. Therefore, Training Points can be obtained by gaining Experience in a particular Talent.

Spending Training PointsEdit

Learning or upgrading skills from the book requires Training Points to be spent. Additionally, players must meet the level requirement indicated on the tooltip in order to purchase the skill.

Skills have between 1-3 upgrades that can be bought with Training Points. Specific upgrades are obtained in tiers, with each successive tier requiring a higher level in that Talent to be purchased.

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