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Trouble Stoppers is a foal-only Quest given by Quick Burst in the Crystal Spa.


Agent Trouble[]

Journal: I found a filly named Quick Burst in the spa. She's calling herself Agent Trouble and runs a "team" called the Trouble Stoppers. As part of her little group, she wants me to tell her sister, Pacific Breeze, about a late payment on a treatment. Better do that to make her happy.

  • Talk to Pacific Breeze

Intel bugs[]

Journal: After delivering some "intel" over to Pacific Breeze, "Agent Trouble" Quick Burst let a few bugs into Breeze's spa. They're going to attack the ponies inside if I don't do something to stop them.

  • Defeat the two bees and hornet
  • Talk to Pacific Breeze


Journal: I saved the spa from trouble, or at least from "Agent Trouble." I don't think she'll bring bees into the spa anymore.


Completing the quest rewards the player with 2 Health Potions and 200 XP in all talents.